Marquee Extras

Want to make your event even extra special? Have a look at our additional extras which add the luxurious touch to your marquee.

Clear Roofs

You can literally cover your marquee with clear roofs and panoramic clear walls to create a whole clear marquee. Or, you can be more selective about it and put clear roof panels in strategic places for effect.

In the summer time it can be too hot to have a fully clear marquee, so we would advise putting clear roofs in certain places so that you can still have that wow effect.

You could place two or three, 3m clear roof panels above the bar which would break up the lines of your marquee roof.

Alternatively, you could put three clear roof panels above your dance floor area to create a natural, dark and starry ceiling.

The choice is your but we are here to advise and help you.

some clear roof sections can create a dramatic effect
a fully clear marquee can look astonishing


These are the sections of material we can put between each clear panel to finish off the whole look. Overlays add a touch of luxury to your marquee and look especially good if linings are used elsewhere in the marquee as they tie the whole look together.

overlays just finish off the look when clear roof panels are used

3m Panoramic Windows

When you book your marquee, we will help you design it. We have software that will let us draw out your marquee fully to scale which is great for working out if furniture will fit! When designing your marquee it is important to consider how many panoramic windows you will need and where they will go. Don’t worry, we will help you with this!

3m panoramic windows

Clear Gable End

Don’t forget, if you have lots of clear roofs and panoramic windows on your marquee, the chances are you will need a clear gable end as a solid white one will look off. Don’t worry though we can help you when making all of these choices.

clear gable ends look amazing!

Black Starlight Ceiling Panels

No dance floor is complete without a starry ceiling overhead! Choose our black starlight ceiling panels to blackout your dancing end of the tent and add drama.

black starlight ceiling

Ivory Starlight Ceiling Panels

If you want subtle elegance, then the ivory starlight ceiling panels could be just the thing for your marquee event. Contact us if you want to add these to your event.

Please do contact us if we can be of any help!