Marquee Lighting

Check out our various marquee lighting options to see what you might like in your bespoke marquee.

8 Arm Chandelier

This classic chandelier looks lovely in our clear marquees. Speak to us about how many you might need to light your whole marquee.

8 arm chandelier


Our uplighter can be placed around your marquee at floor level to shine up in a variety of different colours. When the sun goes down, this creates a dramatic effect and really adds a touch of luxury.

coloured uplighters

Cartwheel Chandelier

For the more rustic effect we have a pair of stunning cartwheel chandeliers for hire. Paired up with rustic trestle tables, and cross back chairs, this creates an elegant but slightly boho feel to a marquee.

Vintage Ladder

Whether you dress it up or dress it down, our vintage ladders can look simply spectacular! Adorn your ladder with lavish flowers, or dress it with simple greenery. Either way it will look great! Complete with staggered lighting, these ladders can be the centre points to your marquee.

beautiful blossoms make this ladder opulent
dressed simply, this ladder looks classically boho